Delta County Suicide Prevention Task Force

You're Not Alone.

The DCSPTF is always looking for donations or new members. Learn more about our organization.

About the Delta County Suicide Prevention Task Force (DCSPTF)

The SPTF is a small, but very active, 501c3 nonprofit group of 12 members representing mental health professionals, medical professionals, clergy, educators and school counselors, parents who have lost sons and daughters to suicide, and people in the community willing to “make a difference”.

Officers and board members include:

Janet Lindstrom, President

Cindy Bintner, Treasurer

Cathy Knight, Secretary

Board Members:

John Gagnon

Laurie Beggs

Sara Deno

and Fr. Rick Courier

If anyone is interested in being part of the task force, the group meets bi-monthly (or more frequently when needed) in the evening for about an hour, and you can contact Janet Lindstrom for meeting dates. New members come with new ideas and inspiration and they are always welcome. DCSPTF members are volunteers, so all the money raised at End the Silence Walks and from donations and grants goes directly into suicide prevention services in our county.

Mission and Goals:

The mission of the organization is to provide suicide prevention in Delta County (and closely surrounding area) through education and awareness, along with support for those who have lost close friends or family members to suicide. The goal is to reduce incidence of suicide, self-harm, and untreated severe depression, and increase knowledge of essential community resources for help.


Any Questions?

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Please Note! This is for general questions only.  If you need help please contact the Crisis Line at 888-728-4929.